Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old Norse
Origin: gestr


1 noun
Related topics: Performing
guest1 S2 W2 [countable]

at an event

someone who is invited to an event or special occasion:
a banquet for 250 distinguished guests
as somebody's guest
You are here as my guests.
dinner/wedding etc guests
Most of the wedding guests had left.
Among the invited guests were Jerry Brown and Elihu Harris.
The actress was guest of honour (=the most important guest) at the launch.
I've nearly finished the guest list for the wedding.

in a house

someone you have invited to stay in your home for a short time:
We have guests staying right now.
house guest

in a hotel

someone who is paying to stay in a hotel:
Use of the sauna is free to guests.

on a show

AP someone famous who is invited to take part in a show, concert etc, in addition to those who usually take part:
We have some great guests for you tonight.
Fontaine appeared as a guest on the show.

be my guest

spoken used to give someone permission to do what they have asked to do:
'Do you mind if I look at your notes?' 'Be my guest.'
types of hotel: motel, inn, B&B British English, guesthouse British English

types of room: double room (=has a bed for two people)
twin room
(=has two single beds)
single room
(=for one person)
(=has two or more rooms)

people who work at a hotel: desk clerk (=gives you your key)
British English/bellhop American English (=takes your bags up to your room)
also chambermaid (=cleans your room)

someone who is staying at a hotel: guest

the place where you check in, check out, and pay your bill: front desk, reception British English

an arrangement to stay at a hotel: reservation also booking British English

hotel services: room service, wake-up call

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