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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguffguff /ɡʌf/ noun [uncountable]  informalUNTRUE remarks that are stupid and untrue syn nonsense I don’t believe any of that guff!
Examples from the Corpus
guffAll this may seem nothing more than the embarrassing guff that goes with too much global summitry.The story veers toward folklore guff and is at times pretty incomprehensible.Even so, most other restaurant workers probably take more guff from customers, Dansky says.It was the same old guff.Nutty received the guff about the competition a few days before the date.I am constantly astonished by the way he is able to cut through the guff even in managerial and political issues.What is all this guff about sequencers?You're telling me all this guff and you haven't even read what I wrote.
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