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GUIGUI /ˈɡuːi/ noun [countable] technical  (graphical user interface) a way of showing and organizing information on a computer screen that is easy to use and understand
Examples from the Corpus
GUIThe classic GUI is the one designed by Apple in the early 1980s for their Macintosh range of computers.The company expects the Motif drag-and-drop, which it substituted for its proprietary GUI, to shorten the learning curve.Microsoft releases GUI along with tip-top word processor.In general, when something doesn't work right from the GUI, the error messages require significant technical skills.On the basis of the analysis of 12 GUIs they suggest that the GUI is composed of three main components.
From Longman Business DictionaryGUIGUI /ˈguːi/ COMPUTINGabbreviation for GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE
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