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guidanceguid‧ance /ˈɡaɪdəns/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 ADVISEhelp and advice that is given to someone about their work, education, or personal lifeguidance on/about I went to a counselor for guidance on my career.under somebody’s expert guidance I was looking forward to working under her expert guidance.parental/spiritual etc guidance Children need moral guidance.2 PMWthe process of directing a missile while it is flying through the air a missile with a sophisticated electronic guidance system
Examples from the Corpus
guidanceIt may be a guidance counselor who is interested in getting the school to develop strategies to help work-inhibited students.Unless the youth group has adequate guidance and counselling, individuals may find choice difficult.But this is actually only one of six sets of regulations and guidance which are due to come into force.Iphigenia and the others are acting under divine guidance.Why does guidance act as a punisher since a child may enjoy the contact it brings?The missiles have an electronic guidance system.Seek immediate guidance on sick fish and treat quickly as recommended.Neither does close attention and strict parental guidance.practical guidance and support for people working abroadYour teacher can give you guidance on choosing a career and writing a job application.I thought that that could not be used, so I seek your guidance, Mr. Speaker.parental/spiritual etc guidanceWhat then of emotional, even spiritual guidance?The churches also carried out the function of education in spiritual guidance to a population largely illiterate.Our president, who has been elected to lead us into the new millennium, needs spiritual guidance like all of us.His purpose was therefore to seek spiritual guidance rather than merely collect some ritual instruments and headgear.By looking to the Bible and seeking spiritual guidance, he is taking steps to reconcile our differences.Neither does close attention and strict parental guidance.This parental guidance, however, can not always be provided.
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