2 verb
guide2 [transitive]
1 to take someone to a place [= lead]
guide somebody along/through etc
He guided us through the narrow streets to the central mosque.
see usage note direct2
2 to help someone or something to move in a particular direction
guide somebody/something into/towards etc
He guided her firmly towards the sofa.
Searchlights were used to guide the ship into the harbour.
3 to influence someone's behaviour or ideas:
Teenagers need adults to guide them.
4 to show someone the right way to do something, especially something difficult or complicated
guide somebody through something
Guide your students through the program one section at a time.

direct, take, guide, lead
If you direct someone somewhere, you tell them which way to go to get there, but you do not go with them He directed me to a hotel near the airport (NOT He guided me to a hotel near the airport).!! Do not say that you direct something in a particular direction. Say that you point something in a particular direction He pointed the gun at the policeman (NOT He directed the gun at the policeman).If you take, guide, or lead someone somewhere, you go with them there I'll take you to the airport. Use guide especially to talk about helping someone along a difficult route They guided me through a maze of one-way streets. Use lead to talk about going in front of someone who is following you The waiter led us to a table.See also direct

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