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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguileguile /ɡaɪl/ noun [uncountable] formal  the use of clever but dishonest methods to deceive someone syn cunning With a little guile she might get what she wanted.guileful adjective
Examples from the Corpus
guileAt Louis's side, he saw how to meet Viking attacks by diplomacy and a mixture of force and guile.Fred often winced when he witnessed his wife's impudence and guile, but he realised she was right.They were so keen to get to grips with the enemy that they disregarded much of the training in stealth and guile.By guile and skill, they managed to escape.By guile, bribery or skill the fleeing rebels managed to elude their pursuers.Stupid they may be but not lacking in guile.A man with-out guile or hidden history.Wycliffe was getting nowhere, though Tate was answering his questions without protest and, apparently, without guile.
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