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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_141_agullgull /ɡʌl/ noun [countable]  gull.jpg ALa large common black and white sea bird that lives near the sea syn seagull
Examples from the Corpus
gullWhat a relief to have that weight of womanhood rise like a gull and fly away.The few gulls, mewing aimlessly, circle in, alighting.A noisy crew of black-headed gulls is wheeling below the bridge, feeding on the river's detritus.The herring gulls are local resident birds, and great opportunists, able to change their feeding habits to whatever is available.The severed heads of gulls, rabbits, crows, mice, owls, moles and small lizards looked down on me.Nah man, thass some sea gulls.You could hear the sea gulls.I walked around the lake three times, looking for the gull.
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