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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgummygum‧my /ˈɡʌmi/ adjective  1 STICKsticky or covered in glue2 DCBa gummy smile shows the gums in someone’s mouth when they have no teeth
Examples from the Corpus
gummya baby's gummy fingersShe gave me a great, gummy grin which almost split her face in two.There was fire under the gummy icing that blood had formed on his forearm.There was a gummy label attached to several sharp shards.Sharing a club chair with Elliot, six-month-old Gabe keeps turning his irresistible gummy smiles on me.Conifers protect their trunks from mechanical damage and insect attack with a special gummy substance, resin.This recipe produces a cake with a moist, slightly gummy texture, which some of our tasters actually preferred.
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