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gunmangun‧man /ˈɡʌnmən/ ●●○ noun (plural gunmen /-mən/) [countable]  SCBa criminal who uses a gun
Examples from the Corpus
gunmanPoole finally abandoned Cassidy when a gunman opened fire from the window of a nearby hotel.In Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, gunmen reportedly seized 30 workers at an electrical power plant.Hooded gunmen burst into a home in Lima on Sunday and shot to death at least 15 people.Was President Kennedy killed by a lone gunman, or was there a conspiracy?Mr Gallagher, a SinnFein member, was the first of six men murdered by loyalist gunmen in the past two days.They were shot by one or more gunmen ostensibly delivering a painting, business people said.She flung herself at the gunman, who was then felled by police fire.He even found himself liking the gunman in an abstract way, despite Gomez's future role as his executioner.Two gunmen opened fire on a bus taking children to school.In general, most famous Western gunmen were town people.Four died when gunmen opened fire on a pick-up truck loaded with people near Port Shepstone in southern Natal.
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