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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgutsyguts‧y /ˈɡʌtsi/ adjective informal  1 BRAVEif someone’s behaviour is gutsy, it is brave and determined It was a gutsy performance by McTaggart.2 if something is gutsy, it is strong and interesting a gutsy full-bodied wine
Examples from the Corpus
gutsyIt's got that gutsy Ampeg overdrive, along with some serious floor-rumbling action.A gutsy and popular player, Howe ignored medical warnings despite previous heart tremors.Going to a start-up company was a gutsy career move.Big Willie was the toughest dude on the block, a bad combination of vicious clothes-taking bully and mean, gutsy fighter.The music is just not as gutsy or spirited or tuned into the needs of its core audience as it once was.August Wilson's gutsy play on exploitation and oppression.The result is a gutsy sandwich that would go better with a bottle of beer than a glass of chocolate milk.It is gutsy stuff, Headline is selling it hard and it is well worth supporting.Gambill didn't fold, however, playing a gutsy third set.
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