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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguttedgut‧ted /ˈɡʌtɪd/ adjective  1 DESTROYseriously damaged or completely destroyed We drove slowly past the gutted buildings.2 British English spokenSHOCK very shocked or disappointed syn devastated I was gutted when I lost my job.see thesaurus at disappointed
Examples from the Corpus
gutted"Was there anything worth saving after the fire?" "No, the place is completely gutted."The death toll has risen into the 20s, an estimated 4,000 businesses are gutted.These were gutted and crumbling shells and almost certainly faced demolition.a street full of gutted buildingsThe library of course was gutted, but Walker Books, a near neighbour of the school, is coming to the rescue.The gutted farmhouse appeared, silvered by the moon.He spent an hour pottering about the gutted flat while Wiechert complained that he wanted his dinner.On every deserted street gutted houses sagged open, their contents indecently exposed to view.The family found themselves with a gutted ruin and one surviving wing.

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