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gymnasiumgym‧na‧si‧um /dʒɪmˈneɪziəm/ noun (plural gymnasiums or gymnasia) [countable] formal  TBBa gym
Examples from the Corpus
gymnasiumIn a big room that looks like a gymnasium or something.Workshops and gymnasiums, for example, have been added to the main prisons.There are also tennis courts, a bowling green and an air-conditioned gymnasium with a regulation-sized basketball court.In a school gymnasium full of caucus-goers in Des Moines, Dole inadvertently coined the best phrase of this perplexing campaign.The crowd filled the gymnasium at Georgetown Visitation, the Catholic girls' school three blocks from the church.With his share he would be able to get the gymnasium he so badly wanted.Three kilometre to the gymnasium ... Now is shortage of material, I must do all.She never took me to the gymnasium again.
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