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haberdasheryhab‧er‧dash‧er‧y /ˈhæbədæʃəri $ -bər-/ noun (plural haberdasheries)  1 [countable] British EnglishSHOP/STOREDCC a shop or part of a large store where things used for making clothes are sold2 [countable] American English old-fashionedSHOP/STOREDCC a shop or part of a large store where men’s clothes, especially hats, are sold3 [uncountable]DCC the goods sold in these shops
Examples from the Corpus
haberdasheryWhat did one purchase at a haberdashery?More than anything, Jasper demanded comfort in haberdashery.The shop displays a range of ready made designer knitwear, machine accessories, motifs, haberdashery and so on.It is also seductive - the achingly boring days in the Co-operative were suddenly spiced by the conspiring behind the haberdashery counter.The haberdashery counter could have been a useful enough base for his operations.
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