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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhabitablehab‧it‧a‧ble /ˈhæbətəbəl/ adjective  LIVE SOMEWHEREgood enough for people to live in It would cost a fortune to make the place habitable.
Examples from the Corpus
habitableThere are already plans to renovate the buildings and make them habitable.As soon as the new building's habitable.Men from the Royal Engineers and local contractors have been working around the clock to make the barracks habitable.The villas themselves looked better than before, deserted except for the few that were privately owned and still habitable.There are so many planets out there, some of them habitable.Many inner cities that were once treated as war zones have become pleasant and habitable again.This process of constructing habitable environments on Mars can be begun at once.They have washed up on a shingle strand beside a lonely and barely habitable estancia.Japan is mostly mountainous and has a only a relatively narrow strip of habitable land along the coasts.Two rooms are habitable, with a battered fridge, bedding, sofa, and gas-stove.
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