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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhabitualha‧bit‧u‧al /həˈbɪtʃuəl/ adjective  1 HABIT[only before noun] doing something from habit, and unable to stop doing ithabitual criminal/offenderhabitual drinker/smoker/gambler2 done as a habit that you cannot stop His drinking had become habitual.3 [only before noun]TYPICAL usual or typical of someone James took his habitual morning walk around the garden.habitually adverb men who are habitually violent
Examples from the Corpus
habitualHe watched her intently as she per-formed this habitual act-then climbed into her lap and let her hold him.What does seem more difficult to believe, however, is that the practice of carrying firearms was habitual among Hooligans.It is estimated that as many as half the young men in the community are habitual drug users.My father was a habitual gambler, until my mother packed her bags and threatened to leave.Tony's habitual laziness became even more extreme in winter, and he would sometimes stay in bed until mid afternoon.Even close friends considered him a habitual liar.Many of the prisoners are habitual liars.Soon you will find that you are taking more time to act, instead of reacting with an habitual response.She had applied more make-up than usual but with her habitual restraint.It comes easy to the habitual vagrant; it is well-nigh impossible to the inexperienced.The habitual violence of the time was tamed somewhat when the Shoguns settled in Kyoto, from 1393 to 1576.Ingrained attitudes and habitual ways of thinking are very difficult to change.habitual drinker/smoker/gamblerBlood alcohol levels rise at pretty much the same rate in infrequent and habitual drinkers.Johnstone has confronted his fall from grace with the kind of honest self-awareness that is rare in habitual drinkers.The court heard that Mantack was a habitual gambler dealing in tens of thousands of pounds.Many habitual drinkers of caffeine-containing beverages find that they must increase their dose to achieve the preferred degree of stimulation.
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