Language: Old English
Origin: haccian


1 verb
Related topics: Horses, Computers
1 [intransitive and transitive] to cut something roughly or violently
hack (away) at something
She hacked away at the ice, trying to make a hole.
hack something off/down etc
Whole forests have been hacked down.
hack your way through/into something
He hacked his way through the undergrowth.
Both men had been hacked to death (=killed using large knives).
2TD [intransitive and transitive] to secretly find a way of getting information from someone else's computer or changing information on it
hack into
Somebody hacked into the company's central database.
He managed to hack the code.

can't hack something

informal to feel that you cannot continue to do something that is difficult or boring:
I've been doing this job for years, but I just can't hack it anymore.
4 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] British EnglishDSH to ride a horse along roads or through the country
5 [intransitive] to cough in a loud unpleasant way

hack somebody off

phrasal verb
to annoy someone:
His attitude really hacks me off!

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