Date: 1700-1800
Origin: hackney 'horse for ordinary riding'; HACKNEYED


2 noun
hack2 [countable]
1BOTCN a writer who does a lot of low quality work, especially writing newspaper articles:
A Sunday newspaper hack uncovered the story.
2PGO an unimportant politician:
The meeting was attended by the usual old party hacks.
3TD a way of using a computer to get into someone else's computer system without their permission
4 American English informalBOTTC a taxi, or a taxi driver
5 an act of hitting something roughly with a cutting tool:
One more hack and the branch was off.
6HBA an old tired horse
7DSH a horse you can pay money to ride on
8 British EnglishDSH a ride on a horse:
a long hack across the fields

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