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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaggardhag‧gard /ˈhæɡəd $ -ərd/ adjective  TIREDsomeone who looks haggard has lines on their face and dark marks around their eyes, especially because they are ill, worried, or tired Sam looked tired and haggard. a haggard face
Examples from the Corpus
haggardShe looked very pale and drawn, almost haggard.The face he saw was tired and haggard.Thelma, haggard and overly lipsticked, gave me a refill.The McCloskey who turned up in San Francisco seemed in pretty good shape, somewhat haggard but calm and centered.Chrissie sat down on the bare floorboards, and watched the haggard features of the man she loved.Her face was haggard, her eyes red, her clothes hung loosely about her.The jurors looked haggard on their tenth day of deliberations.Very few of us like to see pictures of ourselves looking tired, haggard or undignified, or with teeth missing.His face has commenced to take on that same haggard, puzzled look of pressure that the face on the floor has.
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