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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhair-raisingˈhair-raising adjective 🔊 🔊 FRIGHTENEDfrightening and dangerous in a way that is exciting 🔊 a hair-raising car chase► see thesaurus at frightening
Examples from the Corpus
hair-raising• We ended up making a hair-raising 200 kilometre night drive to the border.• Inland travel and preaching became easier at once, though he had hair-raising adventures and was not naturally brave.• After various hair-raising adventures in Afghanistan, Newcombe settled in Northern India.• After many hair-raising adventures, most not only survive but emerge wiser and stronger as a result of their harrowing ordeal.• Andreas' driving had been hair-raising enough, but this was a completely new experience.• Riding to work with Harry is usually a hair-raising experience.• Even so, when applied to yesterday's polls the program yields fascinating - not to say hair-raising - results.• Evans had relayed some hair-raising stories about the exploitation of her rich patients.• Jenny had lots of adventures, travelling all over the world and always coming home with hair-raising stories.• As usual, there was no shortage of hair-raising stunts in the series.• This can often be the most hair-raising time for any entrepreneur.
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