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hairsprayhair‧spray /ˈheəspreɪ $ ˈher-/ noun [uncountable]  DCBa sticky liquid that you spray on your hair to keep it in place
Examples from the Corpus
hairsprayGel Mist is an entirely new product which combines the benefits of a hairspray and a gel.I need hairspray, but I don't like hair that looks stiff and I don't like to use aerosols.Finesse's hairspray formulations are non-sticky, and yet give perfect control when applied to dry hair.If the flames had got anywhere near Rita's hairspray the whole Street would have gone up.That when dames had dandruff, it was often just flakes from their hairspray.Before you style your hair, lift sections of hair and spray with hairspray, concentrating on the root area.
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