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ldoce_143_ihairstylehair‧style /ˈheəstaɪl $ ˈher-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DCBthe style in which someone’s hair has been cut or shaped Do you like my new hairstyle?
Examples from the Corpus
hairstyleIt is counterproductive to be derogatory about hairstyle, clothing, or current countercultural heroes.He assessed everything about her, from her clothes and shoes to her luggage and hairstyle.She looked at her handsome companion, who stuck to his sleeked-back hairstyle even when relaxed.I was lumbered with one hairstyle and that's the way it would stay.Some charge that the process hairstyle was a black attempt to look white.Now is the time to experiment with softer hairstyles, and find new shapes to frame the face and soften features.Whatever their hairstyles, serious critics mostly maintained a stony silence.Keep the width of your hairstyle to a minimum at the sides but create height on top.
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