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half a/the chance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf a/the chancehalf a/the chancea small opportunity to do something, especially one which someone would take eagerly I’d go to university if I got half the chance. Many kids would sleep till noon given half a chance. half
Examples from the Corpus
given half a chanceIt's the trees they go for, given half a chance.It sounded the sort of voice which might start offering gynaecological details if given half a chance.That's nothing on how good they could be, given half a chance.Unlike the others, the goat is a ruminant, and will eat almost anything given half a chance.Many teenagers today would live in their trainers, given half a chance, but try to discourage this.If the people are given half a chance there is hope for a return to it's colourful and vibrant past.As McKinsey laments, given half a chance they revert to old habits.
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