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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf-bakedˌhalf-ˈbaked adjective informal  PLANa half-baked idea, suggestion, plan etc has not been properly planned He’s always coming out with these half-baked ideas which will never work.
Examples from the Corpus
half-bakedLike other Thatcherite creations, the Enterprise Allowance Scheme is chock-a-block with buzzwords whose connection with reality is, at best, half-baked.Youth culture has impregnated generation upon generation with half-baked alternatives.Both Hayman's suggestions were too loose and half-baked for a man of his devious cunning to consider seriously for a moment.Here is the social democrat refusing to condemn the absurdities he chronicles so well; or simply producing half-baked observations.What we've got here is a half-baked proposal that still needs a great deal of work.The question is whether, having raised the issue, green consumerism then legitimises a half-baked response.For certain technologies, notably strategic defence against nuclear weapons, researching makes more sense than deploying a half-baked system.There are more cranes than half-baked themes done to excess.Even if his history is half-baked, there is nothing amateurish about Mr Severin's voyage.
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