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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf-hourˌhalf-ˈhour, half hour noun [countable]  a period of time that is 30 minutes long Fay had been in her room for a good half-hour.half-hour adjective a half-hour TV show
Examples from the Corpus
half-hourProbably walking for a half-hour through the terminal.In a half-hour audience the King's new National Government was created.But then it was a half-hour, then 40 minutes.I got off work a half-hour ago.There were beautiful paintings, musical tributes to the island, a rousing half-hour of drumming.She had gone well over the half-hour.The half-hour show uses these to the fullest, setting up straw man after straw man for Daria to demolish.Our hypothetical Ann could eat her packet of peanuts, for example, if she added three half-hour swims to her weekly routine.
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