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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf-lightˈhalf-light noun [uncountable]  DARKthe dull grey light you see when it is almost dark but not completely dark the cold half-light of the early morning
Examples from the Corpus
half-lightA sharp, heavy knock sent Nadia scrambling out into the cold half-light of the early morning.Waking with a start, she lay in the grey half-light of dawn, wondering where she was.the misty half-light of dawnThere is an eerie stamp of disaster about this wind-thrown entanglement in the murky half-light of night water.Her face really was beautiful in that half-light.She sobbed, and in the half-light I saw the anguish in her face.Like kneading bread in the half-light of the restaurant kitchen.In the steamy mirror in the half-light, my body seems smooth and strong, almost lovely.The counselor spoke her name, and she looked up, her eyes red in the half-light.
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