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half past one/two/three etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf past one/two/three etchalf past one/two/three etcespecially British English (also half one/two/three etc British English spoken)TMC 30 minutes after the hour mentioned I got home at about half past one. I rang at about half six. We’ll be there by seven or half past (=half past seven). half
Examples from the Corpus
half past one/two/three etcThey'd all been given leaflets about it at half past three.She arrived at the Herald building at half past three, and walked past the uniformed commissionaire to the lift.The return journey was supposed to start at half past three but there would always be a few people missing.At half past three he wanted to die, or to kill somebody.It was half past three in the morning.At half past one the men got up and checked their equipment, gathering several sticks as well.At half past two this morning my wife died.
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