3 adverb
half3 S2
1 partly, but not completely:
He was half in the water and half out.
She was standing there half dressed, putting on her makeup.
The door was only half closed.
The jug was still half full.
a half-empty wine bottle
I was only half awake.
He looked half asleep.
I was half expecting her to say 'no'.
I half hoped that they wouldn't come.
I said it half jokingly.
2 used to emphasize something bad, to say that it is almost an extremely bad thing:
The kitten looked half starved.
He was half dead with exhaustion.
I had been driven half out of my mind with worry.

half as much/big etc

half the size, amount etc of something else:
The new machine has all the same functions, but is only half as large.

half as much/big etc again

larger by an amount that is equal to half the original size:
A flat in London costs almost half as much again as a flat in Glasgow.

not half as/so good/interesting etc (as somebody/something)

much less good, less interesting etc than someone or something else:
The movie wasn't half as entertaining as the book.
She can't love you half as much as I do.

not half

British English spoken used when you want to emphasize an opinion or statement:
She doesn't half talk once she gets started.

not half bad

spoken an expression meaning good, used especially when you are rather surprised that something is good:
Actually, the party wasn't half bad.

half and half

partly one thing and partly another:
The group was about half and half, complete beginners and people with some experience.

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