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halfway through (something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalfway through (something)halfway through (something)in the middle of an event or period of time I left halfway through the film. through
Examples from the Corpus
halfway through (something)But Sisson, in addition to bringing his story up to date with a final chapter, interjects halfway through a lengthy segment on his war.I run out of courage halfway through, and leave some.If she was still at Keele she would be halfway through getting the various breakfasts by now.The San Francisco venture shut down in January, less than halfway through its inaugural tour.I was halfway through the gates before the first journalist reached me.We are at least halfway through the looking glass, on our way to utter chaos.Major revisions were also found to be necessary halfway through the programme.But it was halfway through the summer, and still no date had been set for an operation.
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