Language: Old English
Origin: heall


Related topics: Household, College, Buildings
hall S1 W2 [countable]


the area just inside the door of a house or other building, that leads to other rooms [= hallway]
in the hall
We hung our coats in a cupboard in the hall.
a huge tiled entrance hall


a passage in a building or house that leads to many of the rooms [= corridor, hallway]:
Each floor had ten rooms on both sides of the hall.

public building

a building or large room for public events such as meetings or dances
sports/exhibition/banqueting etc hall
The school has a new sports hall.
Five hundred people filled the lecture hall.
church/village hall (=used by people who live in a place)
A coffee morning is to be held in the village hall.
a concert at Carnegie Hall
city hall (2), concert hall, dance hall, music hall (2), town hall

for students

especially British EnglishSEC a college or university building where students live [= hall of residence; = dorm AmE]
in hall
For a brief time they had shared a room in hall.

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