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hallowedhal‧lowed /ˈhæləʊd $ -loʊd/ adjective  1 RRholy or made holy by religious practicessacred The bones will be buried in hallowed ground.2 IMPORTANTimportant and respected by a lot of people the hallowed halls of government hallowed traditions
Examples from the Corpus
hallowedThe table he sat before was as hallowed as any altar.The bishops expected the hallowed Authorized Version to maintain its mastery because it was sanctified in everyone's affections and moral sentiments.His first album was released on the hallowed Blue Note jazz label.Pop music comes to the hallowed chamber.But why is it in the hallowed halls of a gallery of twentieth century design?Baxter's hatred for authority did not end at the foot of Ibrox's hallowed stairway.Even now, visitors crossing the hallowed threshold of the Treasury are met by an individual wearing a name badge.A mistake in our hallowed tome?hallowed groundFor Muslims, Mecca is hallowed ground.Stooping, shamed, he caressed the hallowed ground.Indeed, Darwin, an evolutionist to the end, was laid to rest in the hallowed ground of Westminster Abbey.hallowed hallsBut why is it in the hallowed halls of a gallery of twentieth century design?
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