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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhallucinationhal‧lu‧ci‧na‧tion /həˌluːsəˈneɪʃən/ noun  [countable, uncountable]SEE something which you imagine you can see or hear, but which is not really there, or the experience of this The patients suffered hallucinations caused by the drug.
Examples from the Corpus
hallucinationI knew that what I had seen was a hallucination, but it was so real and frightening.Stanley said he had flashbacks and hallucinations for several years after he left Edgewood and returned to duty at Fort Knox.Persinger has suggested that these reports might be hallucinations instilled into the witnesses by the effect of ionising radiation in close proximity.Jamie lost two and a half stone in the next fortnight, couldn't eat and had hallucinations.In tests, the drug caused patients to have hallucinations.Doctors believe the medication was the cause of her hallucinations.I suffered horrendous hallucinations and flashbacks, and quit using LSD.This would be the case if indeed the events were involuntary hallucinations.But the heat was more seen than felt, more hallucination than discomfort.Close supervision of patients is needed when they have delusions or hallucinations concerning the baby.Causes stupor, hallucinations, vomiting.Sometimes the hallucinations associated with small seizures in the temporal lobe have characteristics suggestive of schizophrenic thought, especially paranoia.As she shoveled, the cries grew too loud to be passed off as wishful hallucinations.
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