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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhallucinatoryhal‧lu‧ci‧na‧to‧ry /həˈluːsənətəri $ -tɔːri/ adjective formal  1 SEEcausing hallucinations or resulting from hallucinations hallucinatory drugs2 Cusing strange images, sounds etc like those experienced in a hallucination hallucinatory poetry
Examples from the Corpus
hallucinatoryThat hallucinatory chaos had been distressing, but the solid thing it had concealed appalled him more.I am not pregnant, I have not taken a hallucinatory drug, and I have never killed anyone.But particular abnormalities in biochemistry have been linked to schizophrenia since it was first discovered that hallucinatory drugs could induce a psychosis.It is, after all, a fairy tale, as the movie's hallucinatory ending proves.The events that followed proceeded at a feverish, hallucinatory pace that no one seemed able to control.My viewing patterns take on a hallucinatory quality.The hours of darkness spent at Sloane Crescent were taking on a hallucinatory quality.
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