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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhallucinogenhal‧lu‧cin‧o‧gen /həˈluːsənədʒən/ noun [countable]  a substance that causes hallucinations
Examples from the Corpus
hallucinogenThe venom of many snakes, especially cobras, acts as a hallucinogen, producing ecstatic visions.LSD is a dangerous hallucinogen.Don't touch dumb hallucinogens like A. Listen to your Ma and Pa, and forget the headster time ever happened.It was some kind of hallucinogen, wasn't it?The mushrooms themselves are only as harmful as most other hallucinogens.Cowan says it is possible that the hallucinogens act by depressing one of these groups of cells.As a repentant sinner I pledge to swear off this hallucinogen.Everyone she knew smoked marijuana, and many tried hallucinogens, too.
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