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hallucinogenichal‧lu‧cin‧o‧gen‧ic /həˌluːsənəˈdʒenɪk◂/ adjective  MDDhallucinogenic drugs make people experience hallucinations
Examples from the Corpus
hallucinogenicI think of some of them as being almost hallucinogenic.There was a sensation of a hallucinogenic door being swung open.Blake thought the burning incense could have been a hallucinogenic drug which was altering his perception.As he grew older, he used hallucinogenic drugs.Caught up in these movements was the hippie culture of the period, with its involvement with hallucinogenic drugs.He found himself smiling. recalling yet again that first meeting, that strange, almost hallucinogenic evening.You can get hallucinogenic everything in the jungle.hallucinogenic mushroomsAfter all, in the hallucinogenic world of the militias, the government is the enemy of all things good and true.
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