Date: 1500-1600
Language: German


1 noun
1 [singular] a stop or pause:
Heavy snowfalls brought traffic to a halt (=made it stop moving).
The World Championship was brought to a temporary halt (=was stopped from continuing).
come/grind/screech etc to a halt (=stop moving or continuing)
The whole peace process seems to have ground to a halt.
The car skidded to a halt.
The President has called for a halt to the wave of emigration.
! Do not say 'get to a halt'. Say 'come to a halt'.

call a halt (to something)

to stop an activity from continuing:
I urge those responsible to call a halt to the violence.
3 [countable] British English a place in the countryside where a train stops to let passengers get off, but where there is no station

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