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halterhal‧ter /ˈhɔːltə $ ˈhɒːltər/ noun [countable]  1 DSHa rope or leather band that fastens around a horse’s head, usually used to lead the horse2 DCC (also halter top, halterneck) a type of clothing for women that ties behind the neck and across the back, so that the arms and back are not covered Jen was wearing black shorts and a halter.
Examples from the Corpus
halterLook, get the rope, we can use that as a halter.It was a halter for Ram Rahim.She was wearing a halter dress the colour of flame that had wilted in the first hour.They wore shorts and halters, shirts and jeans.Then, just when it seemed to have settled, it made a sharp sideways movement, tugging against the halter.Ever mindful of the value of the day's booty, the ownership of the halter was briskly disputed.
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