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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishham-fistedham-fist‧ed /ˌhæm ˈfɪstɪd◂/ (also ham-handed) adjective informal  1 DEAL WITHnot at all skilful or careful in the way that you deal with people syn inept They made several ham-fisted attempts to spy on her.2 CLUMSYnot at all skilful with your hands syn clumsy
Examples from the Corpus
ham-fistedBut he was so ham-fisted about it.The large defence cuts that Labour proposes would be ruinous to job prospects, and its ham-fisted intervention plans would not work.The furore was increased by the ham-fisted police hunt for those responsible.I looked for the bolt of the gun desperately, ham-fisted with the unfamiliar weapon.
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