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handfulhand‧ful /ˈhændfʊl/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]TM an amount that you can hold in your handhandful of The boy picked up a handful of stones and started throwing them at us.2 a handful of something3 be a handful
Examples from the Corpus
handfulShe had three more falls before she and a handful of other players started stick and balling.Sports Illustrated for Kids asked a handful of athletes whether they had invented anything when they were kids.As for Jimmy, he chooses from a handful of set comments, so he hasn't a great deal to say.The trial is the first of a handful of high-profile cases expected within the next few months.They played a handful of tunes from their new album.Looking down where the water of the canal licked the rocks, I saw a handful of date pits.The new book is by a man who's already written a handful of best-sellers, most of them about moles.Gradually, the number of individual objectors prepared to enter the fray began to expand outside the initial handful.Prior to 1986 only a small handful of networks existed within the research and education community.handful ofI scooped up a handful of dinner mints as we left the restaurant.
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