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handgunhand‧gun /ˈhændɡʌn/ noun [countable]  PMWa small gun that you hold in one hand when you fire it
Examples from the Corpus
handgunMr Leckey said three weapons, two assault rifles and a handgun, had been recovered from the scene.He is thought to be armed with a handgun.Police said Cosby was shot once with a handgun.Two blacks and two whites were arrested during the march and four handguns and a shotgun were reportedly taken by the police.But this time, the neighbor happened to mention his handgun.Cigarettes, like handguns, are legal for adults to sell and possess.I would have given a good deal to have the stalwart Lord Byron by me, armed with the handgun.But the police are already complaining about their poor pay and the fact that they are armed only with handguns.
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