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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandholdhand‧hold /ˈhændhəʊld $ -hoʊld/ noun [countable]  a part of something that you can hold onto when climbing it
Examples from the Corpus
handholdHe managed to grab it; the stitches gave a better handhold.He picked his way down, handhold and foothold, until I could reach up and take him by the knees.It was a heavily padded room, its walls covered with recessed handholds.One of his hands grabbed a rusty handhold at the roof's edge, then he heaved himself up with the other.A stout, stainless steel pillar between deckhead and cabin sole in the galley area forms a useful handhold.Using handholds in the wood to steady herself, she crept back along the beam, hauling Simon along with her.
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