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handicappedhand‧i‧capped /ˈhændikæpt/ adjective old-fashioned  1 MIDISABLEDif someone is handicapped, a part of their body or their mind has been permanently injured or damaged. Many people think that this word is offensive a special school for mentally handicapped children2 the handicapped disabled
Examples from the Corpus
handicappedIn less imaginative hands, Liz - an unmarried and uncommunicative mum of a handicapped baby - would surely come a cropper.The need for the adequate provision of permanent residential homes increases substantially as the mentally handicapped child grows up.A family with a severely handicapped child will have many problems.Access to further and higher education has been unduly restricted for handicapped children and this should be improved.Like other mentally handicapped children, Down's children can achieve considerable educational improvement through a consistent programme of education and care.The Ormerod School educates handicapped children from Oxfordshire.a school for mentally handicapped childrenMentally handicapped man in motiveless gang attack.She works with handicapped teenagers.Although the kangaroo has a fast turn of speed on the plan, he is handicapped when climbing trees.
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