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handmadehand‧made /ˌhændˈmeɪd◂/ adjective  ATmade by people using their hands, not by a machineman-made a pair of expensive handmade shoes
Examples from the Corpus
handmadeThe table is handmade.All our goods are handmade, and we use only natural materials.Designer ties and fine cotton or silk shirts complement the clothes, together with a full range of accessories including handmade Artioli shoes.With its vast red ribbon and handmade card, it had transformed the garage into something quite magical.Beautiful huge handmade ceramic pots add to the festive decor.Goodebodies products are handmade from traditional formulas.Organic foods, herbal medicines, and handmade goods were preferred to their industrially produced counterparts.Exclusive folding designs are handmade in solid rosewood by craftsmen in the Far East, with careful attention to detail.a beautiful handmade rugBesides his lavish entertaining, he wore expensive gabardine suits and handmade shoes.It includes handmade umbrellas with bamboo poles and struts, and handpainted weatherproof cotton canopies.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhandmadehand‧made /ˈhændmeɪd/ adjective MANUFACTURINGmade by a person using their hands, not made in a factory using machinesa pair of expensive handmade shoes
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