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handmaidenhand‧maid‧en /ˈhændˌmeɪdn/ (also handmaid /ˈhændmeɪd/) noun [countable]  1 old-fashionedBO a female servant2 formalIDEA something that supports an idea, system, or way of lifehandmaiden of Science must not become the handmaiden of the state.
Examples from the Corpus
handmaidenHe poured it out upon the little sons and daughters, and servants and handmaidens..She was too young to be setting herself up as the devoted handmaiden to the great man.In his workshop he has handmaidens he has forged out of gold who can move and who help him in his work.One of her handmaidens told the suit ors and they discovered her in the very act.The notes refer to other dancers representing handmaidens, a bird and winds: rather complex for so short a work.St. Thomas Aquinas believed that reason should serve as the handmaiden of faith.Science had always been and continued to remain the handmaiden of the great Eastern religions.
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