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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandoverhand‧o‧ver /ˈhændəʊvə $ -oʊvər/ noun [singular]  1 RESPONSIBLEthe act of giving someone else control of a place or business The president will remain in office until the official handover in April.handover of a smooth handover of power the handover of the businesshandover to The handover to civilian government has been delayed.2 the act of giving something to someonehandover of They demanded the immediate handover of all relevant documents. hand over at hand2
Examples from the Corpus
handoverDoes the shift overlap in the afternoon include time for meal breaks as well as handover?So were many others among the 8,300 journalists on hand for the big handover.Allowing time for handover and meal breaks, what is the optimum time required for the afternoon overlap of shifts?Arrangements for the handover of prisoners have been made.In the handover to Jan Lammers, another new battery was fitted, and then another in an unscheduled stop.The MoD were very pleased on the handover with the quality of work achieved.The handover of the Bedford and Luton institutions was agreed.
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