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hands up

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhands uphands upa) with your arms straight up in the air – used especially to tell someone to do this as a sign that they will not attack you Hands up! You’re under arrest! The men emerged from the building with their hands up. b) used to tell people to put their arm straight up in the air if they know the answer to a question or want to say something Hands up if you agree with what Eric was saying. hand
Examples from the Corpus
hands upSinger put both hands up before his face, arms outstretched; he was begging.She threw her hands up in the air and leaned back, stretching, arching her chest upward.He brought his hands up to the typewriter keys and forced himself to begin.The next minute the grenade thrower appeared with his hands up.The police mounted an early-morning assault on his office, and Mr Bucaram came running out with his hands up.Sometimes you have got to hold your hands up and accept that certain players are not right for you.Gently slide your hands up the back of the skull as you allow his or head to come back down gently.
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