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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandwritinghand‧writ‧ing /ˈhændˌraɪtɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  WRITEthe style of someone’s writing I recognised her handwriting on the envelope. My handwriting has never been very neat.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesneat/clearYour handwriting is much neater than mine.legible/illegible (=written clearly/not written clearly enough for you to read)He writes very quickly and his handwriting is almost illegible.small/tinyHer handwriting was so tiny I couldn’t read it without my glasses.bad/poor/terrible/awfulWhy do doctors have such terrible handwriting?good/lovely/beautifulHe wrote, in his lovely handwriting, a letter asking Ramsey to visit him.somebody’s best handwritingIn his best handwriting, he wrote, 'Happy Father’s Day, Dad'.verbshave neat/small etc handwritingYu Yin has tiny handwriting.recognize somebody’s handwritingMarcus didn’t recognize the handwriting on the envelope.read somebody’s handwritingI’m afraid I find it very difficult to read your handwriting.handwriting + NOUNa handwriting expert (=someone who studies people's handwriting )A handwriting expert has confirmed that the letter was almost certainly written by Bateman.phrasesin somebody’s own handwritingEntry forms must be in the candidate’s own handwriting.
Examples from the Corpus
handwritingText recognition has the same remaining problem as handwriting recognition.Aunt Margaret's curly, black handwriting skipped and hopped on the paper because Melanie's eyes were so tired.They learn for a day the art of copperplate handwriting on slates.Likewise, in cursive handwriting it is often difficult to determine where one letter stops and another starts.This described a form of handwriting used for everyday purposes.Although recognition of handwriting has received much less attention the task is simpler and promising results have been obtained.Effective and reliable handwriting recognition will necessarily form an important part of this new technology.It was in the handwriting of my old friend Henry Jekyll.
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