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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandwrittenhand‧writ‧ten /ˌhændˈrɪtn◂/ adjective  WRITEwritten by hand, not printed a handwritten letter
Examples from the Corpus
handwrittenThe handwritten 520 word business text was used as input.Please attach a covering letter (typed, not handwritten).She ran a sticky finger down the monthly balance-sheet, then checked the figures against the handwritten bank statement.The scene of the accident was surrounded by flowers, many with handwritten cards expressing sympathy.The official document was still laid out on the centre of the table alongside the first few lines of his handwritten duplicate.For both printed and handwritten input, the stimulus alone is insufficient to unambiguously identify the text.In short, the pen-based interface is highly versatile, and offers many further capabilities besides that of handwritten input.On 22 June, Sir William forwarded his detailed plan, which covered no less than nine, closely handwritten pages.The facsimile editions are worth the £12.95 price tag for the Frenchified handwritten text and superb colour printing.With their handwritten text, intricate maps and exquisite drawings, they were hailed as a work of art.
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