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(hang) around your neck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(hang) around your neck(hang) around your neckPROBLEMif something hangs around your neck, it keeps causing you problems be breathing down somebody’s neck at breathe(5), → I’ll wring somebody’s neck at wring(6), → pain in the neck at pain1(3), → risk your neck at risk2(1), → save somebody’s neck at save1(11), → stick your neck out at stick out neck
Examples from the Corpus
(hang) around your neckThe Doctor hooked the handle of his umbrella over his top pocket and pulled his paisley scarf from around his neck.The lead Hunter appeared to have a mane around its neck.Until my first New York winter rain, when the fake fur matted around my neck, wrists and knees.The king wore it on a ribbon around his neck on ceremonial occasions.He was a skinhead, and had a line of swastikas tattooed around his neck.She attached a cord and started wearing them around her neck.
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