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hang (on) in there

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhang (on) in therehang (on) in there (also hang tough especially American English) spokenDETERMINED to remain brave and determined when you are in a difficult situation Don’t worry. Just hang on in there. hang
Examples from the Corpus
hang (on) in thereIn the meantime, just hang on in there.But I was hanging in there academically.Ultimately, the more authentic, life-affirming religious manifestations hang in there amid, and despite, the darkness of human striving.When he is excited and enthusiastic, hang in there an extra minute to respond to his words and happy expressions.If this type of interviewer senses a weak spot he or she will hang on in there - mercilessly.Do you hang in there, or cut your losses?Can you kind of hang in there to uh to maybe uh later on this evening, okay.The hitter had to hang in there until he hit the ball or struck out.
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