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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhangouthang‧out /ˈhæŋaʊt/ noun [countable]  informalPLACE a place someone likes to go to often The bar is a favourite hangout for students.
Examples from the Corpus
hangoutIt was a hangout of the privileged classes, smug, snobbish, and perfectly content to remain small.It also is jeopardizing the transformation of this ramshackle beach hangout into a sparkling upscale resort.In New York, try one of the celebrity hangouts, such as the Russian Tea Room or Elaine's.Most of all, Clark Center was a lively, comfortable hangout.The bar is a favorite hangout for soldiers from the nearby base.The Alvord Lake area is now a favorite hangout for homeless campers and drug dealers.So is the Net basically a geek hangout?Now this wasn't one of the heavy hangouts.The Embry home is the neighborhood hangout, with kids pouring in and out at all hours.They started for a Communist Party hangout.a teenage hangout on Fountain Street
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